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Elroi Jonez

Southern style rapper that produces fun yet thought-provoking lyrics that most can relate to. He actually associates his Well-rounded adulthood success, with him spending 3 years of his life (23-26yrs of age ) incarcerated. “Quote – Jail can make or break you if you let it, so I chose wisely and actually learned from others’ mistakes and misfortunes in order to better myself “ Wala!!! This is what you get Elroi Jonez

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Although Elroi never thought his music was special until he performed unbeknownst to him a Fan Favorite (Do better) for the first time and everyone knew his verse, word for word, “quote -that was a special moment for me “. The latest single – Feelin’ like Steppin ft. TTK was birthed during an impactful time in the world when everyone’s lives changed from being able to move about freely. While he was on the road in his truck, he states “ he felt like moving, like going out and about … like grooving, like doing something during the late evenings of COVID” lockdown or shutdown.
This path was chosen for me he states, from up above, as a teenager. Elroi, whose renowned name is Mannie, has been Rapping and composing music since the 6th grade as a hobby. Until one winter day in Mississippi, his uncle Keith visited his dad from Colorado, and walked in on Elroi or Mannie, writing and rapping to instrumentals. Uncle Keith then asked him, “why don’t you make some Christian music rap?? “And proceeds to hand Elroi a music CD, and states it’s gospel rappers he likes…. And who knew that almost 2 decades later Elroi would be making his debut as a Gospel Rapper. Elroi calls his music Righteous music, tho some may call it several other titles. It is just simply Righteous music, it doesn’t embody Hate, Cursing, Derogatory language, or bashing. It’s different to an extent; it’s basically laid-back music with rhythm, truth, and empathetic storytelling.
Elroi states (My music might not be your cup of tea, but it was definitely brewed by life experiences everyone can relate to.
You can reach Elroi Jonez via social media, on Facebook and Instagram Elroi_jonez, You can also find Elroi Jonez music on all platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify Amazon music, YouTube to SoundCloud.


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