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We are asking that you help the artists of Remnant Music Group hit number ONE on the Billboard charts. Most people have heard of Billboard Hot 100 or have read about an artist holding a top spot for a span of weeks, but few people know who chooses them or what that process entails. In short, Billboard tracks and calculates a song’s popularity week over week based on radio airplay, album sales and digital downloads. This means that the people choose!

By charting on Billboard, the artists at Remnant Music who you love and support, will have an opportunity to reach more listeners in more areas which helps win souls for Christ! So here is the ask: If each person will pre-purchase only one copy of our new EP, we will begin to trend upwards on the charts. Our goal is to reach a minimum of 500 presales by 5/17/2024 and with your help, we can do it!

Family, we don’t ask this for vanity or our own egos, but to put the ministry of the Remnant Music Group artist in a position to reach the lost across the globe.

Please note you can only purchase each track one time per customer for it to count for Billboard reporting.

The Remnant Chronicles Vol.1

The wait is finally over, gospel fans! The Remnant Music group is releasing a new EP, and boy is it a hit! This six-song disc is jam-packed with amazing music from several of your favorite artists and will introduce you to your next new faves. The songs featured on the Remnant Chronicles Vol. 1 are an eclectic mix of the heart-pounding, head-bobbing, gospel-rap stylings of Sistah Cola and Elroi Jonez, to a various-tempo collection of praise and worship songs. Ranging from the classic gospel style of Rebekah Crochett to the harmoniously melodic sounds of T.T.K. To The Kingdom and Pure Praise. But wait; there’s more! Included is a track from the soulful, silky-voiced, Nigeria-based crooner, Genique Luke in a song featuring rapper Prince Miah. This is the EP you will keep on repeat because it is guaranteed to be hotter than the summer it’s being released in!

1 - Focus On The Kingdom

2 - Zion

3 - Walk It

4 - More

5 - Psalms 23

6 - I Will Praise You Forever

My Praise Is My Weapon (Instrumental) by Rebekah Crochett

My Praise is My Weapon is a mid-tempo, retro-style gospel/Christian Soul song by newcomer Rebekah Crochett. This song is an excellent way to usher in the Holy Spirit whether in fellowship or during our personal time with the Father.

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