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About Us

Remnant Music, a subsidiary of Remnant Media, was conceptualized in 2017 with a singular goal: to bring the best Christ-centered music to the four corners of the world. This idea would become a reality in 2018 when we began working with rising gospel stars T.T.K.- To The Kingdom. After releasing their hit single “I’ll Pray With You” in 2021 and subsequent album “The Journey” in 2022, Remnant Music expanded their genre scope to include several more artists such as veteran Christian rapper Elroi Jonez, the thought provoking Paul and the soon-to-be-released feminine lyrical blade, Cola. Rounding out the family and returning us to the Christian Soul sound Remnant Music has created, is the R&B/ Neo-Soul influenced duo, Pure Praise. We have also had the pleasure of working with many more artists from around the world in amazing collaborative music ventures.
Keeping true to the original mission of spreading the gospel of Christ through song, Remnant Music takes pride in producing quality music that ministers to the masses. As we continue to grow in both popularity and diversity of genres and styles, we are committed to keeping Christ at the helm of everything we do and everyone we work with. We understand that having talented artists is only one part of a successful operation and that our walk of faith, humility and commitment to the ministry must remain our focal point.